Choosing the Best Cloud Backup Service

The cloud storage market is one of the most rapidly expanding spaces in the online world at the moment. The cloud industry has virtually exploded in the past few years with cloud providers floating over every acre of cyberspace. For any consumer who is new to the cloud market, choosing the best cloud backup service can be a challenge.

Every other provider you come across claims to offer the “best cloud service,” “free cloud service,” or the “most popular cloud service.” Determining who to believe and which service to trust to deliver what you need can be as obscure as trying to peer through actual clouds.

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Top Cloud Backup Services

At the Cloud Reviewer, we’ve tested every major cloud backup service out there. Here are a few of the most popular cloud backup services and a few details to help you compare one to another.


Mozy is a cloud backup service with cross-platform desktop apps that make it easy for you to choose the folders you want to back up and then basically forget about it. Mozy is well encrypted and equipped with a bandwidth throttle that allows you to do things like view movies while the app is backing up. With a simple, clean user interface and the ability to deliver version backups for the last 30 days, there’s a lot to like about Mozy.

If it has any disadvantage it’s that it’s not the cheapest cloud backup service on the market. It’s also not built for sharing, which basically excludes it if you need a cloud service for collaborating with colleagues.


Dropbox has emerged as one of the most popular cloud back services. Much of Dropbox’s popularity stems from how easy it is to use. This simple and convenient cloud service makes backing up your files as simple as putting them in a folder; a folder that is, that’s synced across all of your computers. Any change you make to a document stored in your Dropbox folder that you save gets updated on all your other computers. It’s also a completely non-evasive service as the Dropbox folder looks pretty much like any other folder that might be on your desktop. Dropbox also makes sharing easy and imposes no size limit on files.

Unfortunately Dropbox is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive service on the cloud backup market. Another downside is that any file you sync using Dropbox needs to be in that folder.


SugarSync is a versatile, top ranked cloud backup service. It enables users to maintain files in sync across multiple devices practically in realtime. SugarSync also maintains apps for all the major smartphones. It’s ideal for sharing and collaborating; it’s got a high level of encryption, and a user-friendly interface. SugarSync is so efficient that it hangs on to the last five versions of your documents and auto uploads the pictures you take with your phone. Like Mozy, it has a bandwidth throttle. It also has a Dropbox type component called Magic Briefcase that allows you to backup files just by placing them in a special folder.

SugarSync is less intuitive than some services and costs a bit more as well. But generally it’s one of the more well rounded services out there.


The best cloud backup service may depend on what your needs are. If you want convenience and you don’t mind paying for it, Dropbox might be the best cloud service for you. If you’re trying to save money Mozy or even Google might be better. But if you want capability with a price that’s somewhere in the middle, Sugar Sync is definitely worth looking into.