Cloud Backup for Mac

Catastrophic data loss can affect anyone at just about any time. It used to be, you backed up your data on discs or on an external drive. However nowadays people are increasingly backing up their data in the cloud. Cloud computing services have become enormously popular with Mac and PC users alike. Cloud backup for Mac is available from a variety of different providers and can make it easy for you to securely back up all the data on your Mac laptop or desktop.

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Cloud Backup

An ever-increasing number of users around the world are discovering the ease of backing up their data “in the cloud.” Cloud computing makes data protection easy and convenient. Furthermore, by storing space consuming media files like music and pictures in the cloud, you can free up enormous amounts of space on your drives. This can result in all your Mac computers and devices running faster. Accessing your files from your Mac device is easy with cloud service and you can stream your music or photos with mobile devices in most cases.

Cloud Backup for Mac

Most major cloud providers can furnish you with service that will support Mac devices. Users everywhere love Macs for their friendly interface and cutting edge platforms for delivering music and filmed entertainment. Using a cloud storage service with your Mac makes it easy to enjoy streaming entertainment content with the ease and convenience you expect when using a Mac.

Some of the familiar providers who offer Cloud backup service for Mac include iDrive, Dropbox, Mozy, Livedrive, SugarSync, and Carbonite.

SugarSync for Mac

Nearly as popular as Dropbox, and in some ways superior, is SugarSync. This service differs from Dropbox in that it is continually backing up all your files all the time automatically. This differs from most cloud backup services in that they typically only back up your files once a day. Many industry insiders feel that SugarSync provides the best combination of cloud storage, online backup, and multi-device sync. They also provide a nice 30 day trial.

Mozy for Mac

is another popular cloud service that supports Mac. Mozy is a great low-cost online backup service that comes with an exclusive discount. Mozy can also be used to back up external drives.

Livedrive for Mac

Livedrive is a simple and clean backup service that enables users to make use of unlimited storage space for a single computer. Livedrive is a particularly good service when it comes to backing up your files while you’re on the go.

Carbonite for Mac

Carbonite is a very comprehensive online backup system. It provides easy remote access to files and is also available with an exclusive discount.


Using a cloud back service for Mac is just about the best way to back up your files these days. With so many great services supporting the Mac operating system, Mac users can take their pick. Not all cloud backup services are the same and what one user prefers, another may dislike. Thankfully most of the providers listed above have free trials available. At we highly recommend always taking a free trial before subscribing for a service – Give a try to Just Cloud ! The best service around


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