Cloud Computing Services for Small Business

With today’s workforce becoming more mobile than ever before, cloud-computing is emerging as one of the hottest spaces on the Internet. In many people’s opinions, it’s the technology of the future. By backing up their files through online cloud services, business people are able to work on a document at the office and then continue to work on the same document on their home computer. Storing information in the cloud has the potential to truly unshackle employees from the data center. Many small businesses are discovering the power and freedom of working with a cloud-computing backup service.

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Finding the Best Cloud Service for Small Business

Cloud-computing has great potential where small businesses are concerned. Using a cloud backup service can help a smaller company to cut costs in terms of physical infrastructure such as file and email servers. Cloud solutions provide anytime and anywhere access to documents and files that makes it easier for employees and business partners to collaborate when they are not in the same location.

What is Cloud-Computing?

Before we delve too deeply into identifying the best cloud service for small business, let’s take a minute to explore just what cloud-computing is in a little more depth. Cloud backup services can be utilized without having to purchase or install a software application. Aside from a Java plug-in or some similar lightweight applet, there is really very little to using the cloud.

Fees for small businesses who use cloud-computing services are generally handled on a subscription basis. Providers may charge a month-to-month or an annual fee. Like most software subscriptions, it’s generally possible to save money by signing up for a year of service.

One of the most appealing aspects of working with a cloud computing service is how adaptable it is. Many available solutions can be modified to work for businesses with anywhere from half a dozen to several thousand employees.

Why is Cloud-Computing So Appealing to Small Businesses?

The adaptability and mobility afforded by using an online cloud backup service has the potential to truly level the playing field for small and mid-size businesses. Larger companies have vast IT resources that simply aren’t practical or affordable for smaller businesses. However by backing up and file sharing in the cloud, small businesses can eliminate the need for the kind of cumbersome IT apparatus utilized by enterprise level corporations.

Indeed, online file sharing applications like Dropbox are being adapted by small businesses of all kinds. However while file sharing is definitely catching on amongst small businesses, other productivity based applications have yet to become so widely adopted. Most small businesses are still hosting their own word processing, calendar and spreadsheet applications rather than moving them into the cloud. Currently the most popular cloud-based apps along these lines are Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Clearly there are tremendous advantages to taking up a cloud-based productivity suite. Being able to access the application of your choice from anywhere at anytime is a major one.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Still despite these obvious advantages, many small businesses remain reluctant to officially adopt cloud-computing applications for anything more than file sharing. This would seem to stem from concerns regarding security, stability and data ownership. Many businesses still feel insecure about data that’s passed through these services. However while companies as a whole have yet to fully embrace the convenience and versatility of cloud-computing, many individuals within those companies are themselves making use of apps like Dropbox.

The Future of the Cloud

Despite this initial reluctance, there are strong indicators that cloud-computing is on its way to catching on with a wider segment of the small business community. As more and more businesses become aware of the enormous power of cloud-computing in terms of circumventing the need for expensive IT infrastructure, the services are becoming more popular. It seems only a matter of time before the use of online cloud backup for file sharing and application based suites becomes more the rule than the exception where small businesses are concerned.