How Cloud Storage Works?

Cloud backup storage is one of the hottest new spaces to emerge on the Internet in recent years. Not so long ago backing up your files involved actually saving them to discs. Having external hard drives simplified the process of backing up files. However having an external hard drive means having another piece of hardware around and with the on-the-go lifestyle of many users who work on their laptop remotely, it’s not always convenient to backup your files at your desk at work or in your ho0me office. Cloud storage quite possibly represents the best solution to come along yet in terms of conveniently and easily backing up your files.

What is Cloud Storage?

Contrary to how it sounds, cloud storage actually has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather. What the term actually refers to is the process of storing backups of your files on a remote server that’s located off-site. Unlike when you back up your files on your own external drive, with cloud backup, the server is maintained by a third party. Using a cloud backup storage to backup your files allows y0u to backup them up and access them by using the web.

The Advantages of Cloud Storage

There are many reasons why it can be advantageous to back up your files “in the cloud.” Backing up your data to the cloud makes it possible for you to access that data from anywhere you can connect to the web. That means you’ll have no need to carry around an actual physical drive with your backup stored on it. And you’ll be able to access your backed up data easily from any computer. Some cloud storage services also enable you to share data readily for collaborative projects.

How Cloud Storage Works

Cloud backup technology, at its most basic level, could involve a single data server that’s connected to the web. A client computer would then connect to that server and send files to be backed up over the Internet. The server would then record that information. To retrieve the information, the client accesses the remote data server through an interface that’s delivered via the web. The backup server would then either send the files back to the client or allow the client to work with the files while they are stored on the server itself. That’s cloud storage at its most basic level.

Today’s Cloud Storage

Cloud storage service providers today maintains hundreds of different servers. Most cloud service providers store the same user’s data on multiple servers simultaneously. This is known as redundancy and it serves the purpose of ensuring that clients can always maintain access to their data, even if a particular server is down.

Why Use Cloud Storage?

Not everyone who uses a cloud storage backup service does so because they are worried about running out of data storage space. Many users employ a cloud service to create backup versions of their data in case of system failure of some kind. Others use cloud storage to facilitate easy sharing of files for collaborative purposes.

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