Livedrive Review


Livedrive Review


Price: From $7.95 / Month

Livedrive is a very versatile cloud backup service that’s based in the UK. Andrew Michael, a successful UK businessman who pioneered the web hosting business in the UK, backs the company.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Price: From $7.95 / Month

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Livedrive is a very versatile cloud backup service that’s based in the UK. Andrew Michael, a successful UK businessman who pioneered the web hosting business in the UK, backs the company. In addition to occupying a place on the Sunday Times Rich List, Michael is regarded as one of the premier thought leaders on cloud computing.

Livedrive is available in three versions. There is a backup only version that provides users with unlimited storage, a “Briefcase” syncing service that contains 2TB of online storage space, and a Pro Suite that does all of that and comes with 5TB of sync space. Livedrive is a good service for anyone who wants to backup their entire computer, especially the Pro Suite version.

Live drive was designed as a personal online storage space that provides users with a dependable alternative to storing their files on disc. The service was initially launched in 2008 and since then has grown to the point where it now serves some 500,000 customers around the world. In the following Livedrive review, we will explain our findings after having tested the service.

Supported Operating Systems

Livedrive is compatible with most major OS including Mac and various versions of Windows.

Set Up

Livedrive setup is about as easy as it could be. Once you download the app it will ask you which files you want to backup. You simply choose the file categories you want backed up; hit “Finish” and you are backed up in the cloud.

Web/Mobile/Remote Access

Using Livedrive makes it possible to access your backed up files from anywhere at anytime by using your

Package Available and Prices

Livedrive has three available packages: Backup, Briefcase, and Pro Suite.

Backup is the basic service. It offers the following features:

Safe backup of your files online
Backup of all your files on a Mac or PC
Easy set up and usage
Restore files at any time
View or download your files from anywhere online
Keeps up to 30 different versions of any file
Backups an extra computer for just $1.45 a month
Backup network storage or NAS for just $7.95 a month
100% Safe and Secure

The Briefcase version comes with all of those features and these additional ones:

Sync files online and between all your computers
Appears as an additional drive on your PCs and Macs, making it easy to use
Comes with 2TB of online storage space
Access of your documents from anywhere via the web
Listen to your music and watch videos online
Stream your music and movies to your mobile device
Share files with friends and family

The top of the line Pro Suite version does everything both other versions do and includes these additional features:

Backup of all of your files on up to five Macs or PCs
All of the features of Livedrive Briefcase with 5TB of storage
Easy set up and use by just installing one app
Access of everything through your Livedrive web portal
Get both your backups and your briefcase on your iPhone, iPad or Android
Backup extra computers for $1.45 a month
Network storage backup for $7.95 a month
Access to your briefcase by using FTP, SFTP or WebDav

Livedrive for Business

The company also has a backup service designed especially for businesses. Livedrive business allows employees to backup all of the Macs or PCs into the cloud and easily share files. All backed up data is easily accessed through an individual employee’s computer. Like the other versions of the Livedrive service, the Business package is relatively easy to use and manage. It also involves a quick setup. This completely safe and secure cloud backup service is ideal for professionals and small businesses alike.


Sharing files on Livedrive is easy and can be accomplished with one click. Even sending large files to your family, colleagues and friends is easy with Livedrive. Users may choose between public sharing or sharing privately and securely with only selected individuals.

Restore for Backup


In spite of the wide range of features the service provides, Livedrive is fairly reasonably priced. The reason for this is that the company owns its own infrastructure. This makes it easier for them to maintain a low overhead, a savings they pass on to you the customer through reasonable rates.

Free Trial

All three versions of the service are available with a two-week free trial.

  • The backup version is available for $7.95 a month but you can save money by signing up for a year of service, which costs $79.95
  • Briefcase costs $15.95 a month and again is available at a discount if you sign up for a year of service, which will cost you $159.95.
  • The Pro Suite is the most expensive at $24.95 a month or $249.95 for one year of service.


Without a doubt, customer support is one of Livedrive’s strongest suites. The company maintains a strong online support presence through what they “Support Force One.” Assistance from Support Force One is available seven days a week by email and all emails are answered within 24 hours. Livedrive technicians also monitor your service around the clock.

Available Payment Providers

Livedrive accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard or Maestro.

Livedrive Simple, Secure Online Backup



Currently Livedrive is one of the fastest growing cloud storage and online backup service on the web. The company is among the top ranked services of its kind in both Europe and the USA. The company provides a very versatile service with a full range of features that enables the service itself to grow along with the needs of the individual user. By using Livedrive it’s relatively easy to securely backup your computer, sync your files across multiple computers, and to access your files online from just about anywhere. The service is truly among the top percentage of Cloud providers when it comes to the range of services they offer.

After conducting our own Live drive 2013 review, we found the service to stand up well in most area. With impressive capabilities and three versions to choose from, there is much to recommend about Livedrive. While it’s not the most affordable cloud backup service on the market, it certainly is one of the most versatile and capable.

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