Mozy Review


Mozy Review


Price: $7.99

Mozy is a cloud backup service with cross-platform desktop apps that make it easy for you to choose the folders you want to back up and then basically forget about it.

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $7.99

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The cloud storage market is one of the most rapidly expanding spaces in the online world at the moment. The cloud industry has virtually exploded in the past few years with cloud providers floating over every acre of cyberspace. For any consumer who is new to the cloud market, choosing the best cloud backup service can be a challenge.

Every other provider you come across claims to offer the “best cloud service,” “free cloud service,” or the “most popular cloud service.” Determining who to believe and which service to trust to deliver what you need can be as obscure as trying to peer through actual clouds.

At the Cloud Reviewer, we’ve tested every major cloud backup service out there. Mozy is one of the most popular cloud backup services. Here’s what we thought of it when we put it through our rigorous tests.

Mozy is a cloud backup service with cross-platform desktop apps that make it easy for you to choose the folders you want to back up and then basically forget about it. Mozy is well encrypted and equipped with a bandwidth throttle that allows you to do things like view movies while the app is backing up. With a simple, clean user interface and the ability to deliver version backups for the last 30 days, there’s a lot to like about Mozy. Mozy promotions are also fairly common around the web, so it may be possible to get a good break on price when signing up for the service.

Founded as a traditional online data backup service, Mozy was founded in 2005. Although the company is headquartered in Seattle, WA in the USA, it maintains offices in Pleasant Grove, Utah, London, England, Cork, Ireland, and Shanghai, China. The company was founded on the idea that users should not have to think about backing up their files and therefore once the service is setup, it automatically backs up your files once a week. Let’s take a close look at the service in this Mozy backup review

Supported Operating Systems

Mozy supports both Mac OSX and Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.

Backup Features

Mozy backup is similar to many other cloud backup services in that it enables you to install a client on your desktop. Once the client is installed you may backup files by dragging and dropping them into the client folder. You may also set schedules for the service to automatically backup files. Mozy back up also has a feature known as the Stash folder. The Stash folder is a unique file syncing feature that makes it possible for you to sync your most frequently used files across multiple computers.


 Web/Mobile/Remote Access

Mozy is accessible over the web. MozyHome, MozyPro and MozyEnterprise also all have mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Package Available and Prices

There are three available versions of Mozy: MozyHome, MozyPro and MozyEnterprise.

MozyHome is designed for backing up your digital life at home. It’s the cheapest of the three packages and provides you with online backup for photos, videos, music, documents and more. At $5.99 a month, MozyHome is the most affordable of the plans offered by Mozy. As you can see from the chart below, MozyHome performs most basic cloud backup functions.

MozyPro is an online backup system that was designed for small businesses. It provides backup for servers and computers. Pro has several different pricing plans. You can pay $19.99 a month or save money by paying $18.33 a month for one year or $17.50 a month for two years. MozyPro does everything MozyHome does and has the additional features visible in this chart. For Mozy unlimited storage options, you need to go with one of the more advanced packages.

MozyEnterprise was designed for enterprise level corporations and contains IT controls. It’s the most sophisticated and expansive of all the Mozy backup systems. As you can see from the features chart, it does everything MozyHome and MozyPro does as well as having advanced features designed for enterprise level companies.


Mozy reviews across the web are unanimous, in that the lack of a file sharing option is one of the biggest drawbacks to Mozy.


Security is definitely one of Mozy’s strongest suites. Files backed up through Mozy are encrypted and stored in safe, secure locations.


Support for online storage Mozy varies depending upon what package you sign up for. MozyHome provides users with live chat support, while MozyPro and MozyEnterprise both provides US-based phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Accepted Payment Providers

Mozy accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

Coupon Available

Promotion codes are often available that can get you a discount on signing up for service with Mozy. Mozy coupon codes and Mozy promotional codes are available from various outlets on the web and it’s worth keeping an eye out for some kind of Mozy promo if you’re interested in signing up.

Mozy Free

Mozy also allows users to try 2GB of free backup service. The free Mozy service may be limited in terms of how much you can back up, but it enables you to try all the features related to online backup Mozy provides. Man Mozy 2013 reviews have indicated users appreciate the opportunity to at least try the service for free. Mozy backup free service involves no set up fee, no credit cards and no monthly payment.


Having performed a through Mozy review, we can definitely say that Mozy is one of the most secure cloud backup services available so if security is important to you, it’s a good service to use. However the lack of a file sharing option could potentially be regarded as a serious drawback by many users. It’s also not the cheapest cloud backup service on the market but it does excel in the primary functions of keeping files backed up, file syncing and security. If you can find a Mozy promotion code or get a Mozy discount and save some money on it, Mozy online storage might be the kind of online cloud backup service you’re looking for.


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  • toby m

    I bought Mozy and think that it’s substandard… other programs out there just do it better… seems to always crash on my computer… IMPORTANT: Mozy do not let you cancel auto-renew feature! So be careful if you buy this product for a year, you’ll probably be buying it for 2 or 3 unless you are very organised and know when to cancel the product… I think that this is dishonest to say the least…

  • Whitney

    I have used Mozy for years now and I recently had to use the backup service for the first time. Only to find out that It hasn’t been backing ANYTHING up since I updated my Mac’s operating system almost a year ago. Since the back up is automated I trusted I was secure. I needed different software on my compute for it to continue doing what I pay it to do but I was not notified of this. I get monthly emails telling me I’ve been billed and nothing to indicate that something with my account is amiss. I am so disappointed, especially because I didn’t catch this until it was too late and the service I needed could not be provided to me even though I have been paying for it.