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MyPC Backup Review


Price: $4.95/Month

MyPC Backup is an online cloud backup service that provides unlimited amounts of data backup with great options for security, read our exclusive MyPcBackup Review !

Our Rating: 5/5

Price: $4.95/Month

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MyPC Backup is an online cloud backup service that provides unlimited amounts of data backup with great options for security. The company provides backups that are 100% fully automated. This makes backing up your files a breeze. Once you’ve chosen the schedule on your desktop application or control panel, you may simply relax and allow MyPCBackup to automatically handle your backups for you.

 Supported Operating Systems

Broad compatibility is another thing we like about MyPC Backup. It’s possible to use the service with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. For best results however, you may want to run MyPC Backup on Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS 10.

 Backup Features

MyPC Backup provides safe, secure backups that are fully automated. This means all you need do is set a schedule for backing up on your desktop app. Then you can relax and let MyPC Backup automatically handle your backups for you. There is also a selective backup feature that allows you to have more control over which folders and files you choose to backup. One of the features we liked was that if you experienced any kind of issues during the online backup process the backup would automatically restart from the point where the error occurred.

 Web/Mobile/Remote Access

In terms of mobile devices, MyPC Backup can be used with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or HTC. You may download mobile apps for MyPC Backup from the Apple or Google app stores. Accessing your backed up files is also easy to do and can be accomplished from just about anywhere with a mobile device or a computer with an Internet connection. All you need do is log into the MyPC Backup website and you’ll find your files waiting for you.

 Available Packages and Prices

There are three packages available for MyPC Backup. They are: Home, Premium and Unlimited.

MyPC Backup Home plan includes 75GB of backup storage space and costs $4.49 a month if you sign up for two years.

The Premium plan provides 250GB of storage and goes for $4.95 a month on a two-year plan.

The Unlimited plan provides unlimited amounts of backup as the name implies and costs $6.95 a month for a two-year plan.


We found MyPC Backup to be very capable in terms of sharing files. The service provides users with the option of sharing files and folders between friends, colleagues and family members. Using MyPC Backup, it’s possible to invite friends to view files using email and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. File collaboration is relatively easy when you use MyPC Backup and it’s even possible to readily share large files.

 More Data Centers Means Greater Security

In contrast to many online backup providers, who only backup data on a single server, MyPC Backup maintains multiple servers with which they backup your data. Having your data backed up across multiple servers in this manner helps to ensure your data remains safe. It also means that data recovery is generally easier and more certain should the need arise.

Easy File Restoration

Using MyPC Backup makes it very easy to restore your files. Whether you’re using the Control Panel or the desktop application, it’s pretty easy to restore your files with just a few simple clicks.


Security is without a doubt, one of the strongest features involved in MyPC Backup. As stated on the company’s website, MyPC Backup takes data security and privacy very seriously. Thus the service provides file encryption that utilizes the same technology banks do to ensure your data remains secure. All files are transmitted using a secure SSL encryption. This means that when you backup your files using MyPC Backup, no one can view your files except you.


Customer support is another of MyPC Backup’s strong suites. The company provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email. When we reached out to the customer support department we found our questions were typically answered within a couple of hours.


 Available Payment Providers

MyPC Backup accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.


Coupons and promo codes for MyPC Backup are available on the web. Also the MyPC Backup website has a “secret link” that entitles you to a 35% discount if you click on it.

 In Conclusion

Easy to use, secure, and with a broad range of capabilities including unlimited storage, MyPC Backup is a solid contender on the online cloud backup market. The company is operated by the same people behind other top-rated cloud backup services Just Cloud and Zip Cloud. With this much expertise backing it up, it’s little wonder that MyPC Backup is such a capable and user-friendly entry into the cloud backup market.

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