Why choose a Cloud Storage Backup Solution?

In an era where our computers and the data contained on them are central to how we do business and communicate with friends, family members and colleagues, backing up data properly is vital. Until recently, external hard drives were fairly cutting edge when it came to data backup. However nowadays the most convenient and reliable way to back up your data is with a cloud backup storage solution.

Why Choose a Cloud Storage Backup Solution?

There are a number of key reasons why it’s a good idea to use online cloud storage backup to protect your files.

  • Better Data Protection -  With cloud backup your data is recoverable and protected. Cloud backup services make use of industry-leading encryption and security practices that make cloud-based data highly secure.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) -With no capital expense and affordable subscription pricing, the cost of backing up your data online is decidedly affordable.
  • Ease of Use – Cloud backup storage solutions are among the most easy-to-use web-based solutions for managing and backing up your data. Maintenance of cloud data backup is minimal and syncing your data to the backup server is relatively simple.
  • Fast Implementation - Deploying and setting up your cloud backup service is fast and easy.
  • Leverage Existing IT – Most cloud storage solutions are easily compatible with your existing backup and storage devices and applications.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – Storing your data “in the cloud” means now having to maintain your own outboard backup device. This can cut down on power consumption.
  • Agility and Scalability – Increasing and decreasing your storage capacity is relatively painless when you use an online backup service.